Windows will not wake up from Sleep Mode - Laptop

My Laptop Is Stuck in Sleep Mode

Windows will not wake up from Sleep Mode - Laptop

There may may be times where you may find that, try as you may, your Windows 10/8/7 Laptop does not wake up from Sleep Mode. Moving  the mouse or pressing the power button, keyboard keys just does not help - nothing happens.

Sleep or standby mode normally allows your Laptop to conserve energy yet respond quickly to power back on when you need it. Most laptops should exit sleep mode if you press a key on the keyboard or use the trackpad mouse. If the lid was closed, opening it should also wake up the computer. If none of these methods work to bring the computer out of sleep mode, you may have a power issue or a temporary software glitch.


Press the power button for a few seconds to see if your computer will wake up. If it does, the laptop was not truly stuck in sleep mode, but rather went into hibernation mode.


The best way to solve your Toshiba's problem is to force a shutdown by holding down the power button for 5 seconds - or longer, this will force a shutdown.

Now, completely remove all power from the laptop to ensure a fresh restart. Close the laptop's lid, turn over the unit and remove the battery.

Remove the battery from the Laptop

Also remove the power adapter cord from both the laptop and the wall socket. Open the laptop lid and press and hold the power button for approximately 20 seconds. This will drain any stored power in the backup battery. Wait a few seconds, then put the battery back in, plug in the laptop and press the power button to turn on the computer.

The Laptop will likely start up with an warning message about shutdown, in this case, select the option to start your computer normally.

Windows Startup - Choose Start Windows Normally

If the error recurs, start the computer in "Safe Mode" to see if a program running on your computer outside of the basic Windows operating system is causing the problem.


Insufficient power can cause this problem, so try plugging in your Toshiba laptop before attempting to wake it from sleep mode. If this does not immediately fix the issue, your problem is more likely a software issue. If your laptop was shut down incorrectly prior to the sleep mode incident, it may be stuck on a blank screen that makes it appear to be in sleep mode when it actually is trying to start up. It's a frequent problem with Laptops. The good news is it is often a temporary problem and the above steps are sufficient enough for it to not re-appear.

If Hybrid Sleep is enabled, it is known to cause such problems. To disable it, open Control Panel\ All Control Panel Items\ Power Options\ Edit Plan Settings. Click on Change advanced power settings to open the following box:

Change Power Options Hybrid Sleep mode

For your Power Plan, change the setting to Off.