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If you have computer or support questions or problems, please feel free to ask via this page - I will get back to you with an answer just as soon as possible. I would love to talk with you!

Expect a reply between 8am ACDT - 7:30pm ACDT Monday through Saturday. My typical response time to queries made here is less than 1.5 hours.

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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00
Sat 10:00-14:00

Workshop Locality

Address : 4A March Ave
Hayborough, South Australia.


P : (08) 8552 8630

Workshop / Office Location

Workshop / Office Front View

Peter Bowey Computer Services Workshop front entrance

I have been in this business since 1998 and worked with 1000's of client's to help them with a large variety of computer needs.

Get Remote Support

Need rapid remote support today (needs a working Internet)?

Remote Support when you really need it (wherever you are)!  Download the "QuickSupport" version of TeamViewer (links are below), contact me to book a time, and I will connect remotely to your computer and explain in easy to understand terms the steps I need take to fix your computer problem.

TeamViewer QuickSupport is now optimized for instant remote desktop support, and does not require installation or administrator rights — simply download, double click, and give the provided ID and password to me.

Note: TeamViewer takes various steps to ensure the utmost account security at all times. TeamViewer will automatically generates an encrypted ID and new password whenever it runs.

TeamViewer Setup

What it looks like

TeamViewer Remote Client ID Password

What I need to know

The TeamViewer QuickSupport information will look similar to the picture above. TeamViewer QuickSupport automatically assigns you an ID and Password.

Please quote your ID and Password when speaking with me. I will then remotely connect to your computer, and explain to you the steps taken in diagnosing and fixing any computer problems you might be experiencing.

A serious virus infections or a hardware problem will require your computer to be serviced at my workshop.However, a lot of software issues (common) can be solved with this remote access method - thus saving you travel time and money.

How it works

You need an active internet connection for this to work. If the problem is with your internet not working, then you may have to switch off your modem, wait 5 minutes before again turning it on again. If your internet connection still fails, then it might be time to call your internet service provider.

The person whose computer is being remotely accessed will be able to see everything that I am doing on their computer, and you will still maintain control of the mouse and keyboard.

TeamViewer QuickSupport provides easy, fast and secure remote access to Windows and Mac systems.

TeamViewer remote support works well with ADSL, NBN, Cable and NextG connections locally, interstate or overseas.

What I might see (example: Windows to a remote Mac)

TeamViewer Remote Client

I will only use TeamViewer while a phone call is in progress with the person requesting technical help. I will explain the problem, the work required, and the possible time required before ending the phone call. Please contact me for this remote support!

How much will it cost?

My pricing for remote IT support is as follows:

  • First few minutes free
  • 5 minutes remote support $20
  • 15 minutes remote support $35
  • 30 minutes remote support $65
  • One hour remote support $105

Payment may be made by credit card (over the phone) or by direct bank deposit. (FREE - if your computer is easily fixed within two or three minutes!)

Summary: Offering remote assistance is a key feature for users of TeamViewer. Not only does it work from just about any computer, but it allows secure control to anyone looking for support help.