Solutions and Repair for; Windows, Linux and Macintosh computer problems

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Solutions and Repair for; Windows, Linux and Macintosh computer problems

Our modern lifestyles offer a increasing variety of Technology Devices, from computers, laptop, netbooks, notebooks, iPhones, smart phones, tablets, iPads, watches, etc. While designed to make our life easier, sometimes it feels like the opposite. If you are having some trouble getting the most out of your Technology, or your Technology is no longer working like it used to then I can help. I specialise in fixing problems with Technology.

Computer Maintenance & Servicing

To keep your computer running well I recommend you have it checked every 12 months. I can check that your security protection software is updated and that the latest Windows or Mac OS X is installed, I will also update any hardware drivers. Hardware manufacturer's do release updates from time to time, and these can be important for stability and performance.  I also recommend that backups are done weekly or monthly depending on your individual needs.

Computer Consultancy

IT consultancy is something I have traditionally always provided for FREE. I know that there are so many choices of what to buy and how to deal with safety and backups. You only need ask through a email or in more urgent cases call me direct. Allow me to help you fulfill your requirements and get you set up in a way that will bring you a great peace of mind. However, there will be times where you need an insurance claim after storm damage (or other types of damage), in which case a small administration fee is charged to write a official report for your insurance company. Note: A number of Insurance Companies will reimburse the fee.

For new laptop or desktop computers, I always recommend Dell and HP computers. While not being the cheapest, they have certainly proved a long reputation for reliability and a great choice of products. If you have purchased a new computer or laptop then employ my services with setup and configuration. I excel at migrating your old data to your new computer - even if your old computer no longer works (fails to boot).

Forgotten your Windows Password?

It is actually very hard to fix this problem (and very few technicians know how?), but yes, I have the skill and the 100% proven method to recover a common scenario where you changed a Windows7, 8, 10 password and now you CANNOT get back into Windows (oops - what was that password = duh?). You forgot or mad a mistype on a new password, and you are totally locked out of Windows (it happens). The recovery will fully retain all your user account details, emails, pictures, documents, etc. It just means you have a NEW password that actually works. Notes: This repair cannot be done by my remote services, I MUST have physical access to the device as a Remote Teamviewer Session service does not allow low enough access - beyond Windows itself.

Windows Insider

I am a Windows 10 Insider (member). What does that mean? Windows Insider is an open software testing program by Microsoft that allows users who own a valid license of Windows 10 to register for pre-release builds of the operating system previously only accessible to software developers. This facilitates testing early releases of Windows 10 and being able to report [feedback] to Microsoft. This helps me to get to know of new features and bug fixes - often long before they are publicly released. 

Spyware, Adware, Malware and Ransomware Removal

So what is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) that takes control of a system and demands a ransom to unlock it. A lot ransomware-based applications disguise themselves as originating from police or a government agencies (a social trust issue). Unfortunately, a ransomware infection does show itself until you see some type of notification,  demanding money to regain access to your device or files. The Ransomware message will (only) display to you after encrypting your files.

Today, many types of computer threats are basically ransom "traps" that come from infected web sites, links in emails, or simply risky searching on the internet for software, movies and music as "free". Basically, some (clever) bait is laid down for people to fall into some scheme that then becomes a demand for money over a variety of usually 'fake' reasons, along with a 'threat' to expose you over bad "adult" site habits, fake traffic infringements or worse you find that all the data on your Windows system has been encrypted with a hard-lock code and you have to pay a large amount to (possibly) get your data back.

Truth is, Hackers and Criminals have (and will) devise many ways to fool users - and ask for money (usually via BitCoin). In the near future, do not surprised if when you hear about attackers holding a system hostage with ransomware, they will be demanding payment via Monero (open source crypto-currency), and likely not BitCoin.

What type of ransomware? A well known Malware researcher Michael Gillespie, under the alias @demonslay335, runs the free ID Ransomware site, which allows any ransomware victims to upload an encrypted file to recognize the type of ransomware that attacked and encrypted their system.

There is also a risk with your ID theft and confidential information. I provide a comprehensive and effective diagnosis of your system relating to the "aftermath" of such attacks and malware, along with full recovery (in most cases) and then I provide you a more enhanced security for future malicious-ware protection.

Update your operating system

The biggest problem I have seen is with outdated computer systems which are relatively (much) more vulnerable to ransomware attacks. For this reason and others, it is essential to perform regular software and operating system updates of your computer.

Multiple Backups

The new Encryption-based ransomware is getting sophisticated and may not be always detected by anti-malware software. Once infected, you can be locked out from your own data and there is no guarantee you can retrieve your data after paying the ransom! It is absolutely recommended to perform routine backups to restore infected files and minimize damage.

Windows 10’s File History is an easy way to get started with backing up your personal files since it comes built-in to your system. To get started with File History in the latest version of Windows 10, open the Settings app and go to Update & Security > Backup. You will need some type of external USB storage device (256Gb or larger is good). By default, the Windows 10 File History feature will back up all the folders in your User folder and do this every hour (as long as the backup drive is available), and it will keep past copies of your files forever.

6 Days per Week - Solutions and Repair for; Windows, Linux and Macintosh computer problems.

Located in Victor Harbor, Peter Bowey provides a suite of computer services. Most of my work is in computer repairs and data migration / recovery, and over the years I have developed some enormous skills base in this area - as well as a methodology of the right way to do computer repairs. I work with major computer brands including HP, Dell, Acer, Compaq and Apple as well as operating systems ranging from Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. Laptops, iPads, iPhones and desktops.

I am fast, efficient and most importantly accurate. I will take good care of your computer. If your computer can be repaired economically, I will repair it. I will bill at a reasonable rate, and only for the hours I work and the parts required.

Once I have a diagnosis, I will give you a list of repair options and pricing quotes. If I follow through with a repair, the initial bench and/or diagnostic fee is waived.

Service Area (typical):

Victor Harbor, Hayborough, Encounter Bay, McCracken, Goolwa, Middleton, Port Elliot, Mount Compass, Cape Jervis, Normanville and Waitpinga Area.

What services I offer:

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

Getting that dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)? I will run diagnostics, get to the root of the issue and repair it.

If you need a full Computer Restoration & Recovery (if other recovery options fail)

I will recover your data and restore your computer to its original condition, or better! The typical sluggish computer nearly always has some combination of spyware, ad-ware, spam-bots, Trojans and viruss; all collectively known as malware. When a computer becomes slows, intermittently crashes, shuts down by itself, will not boot or shut down correctly, cannot access the Internet, or has warning appearing, it is time for a good system clean-up.

Let's Begin!

Now it is Time to Back-up Your Computer

To start off, I copy all of your important data (Documents, Photos, Videos) to an external hard drive, so you do not lose any of your personal information or crucial business data. This will all be migrated back onto your computer once I have scrubbed it clean with a new install of your licensed Operating System. Now I am ready to get your computer back to the way it was when you first bought it!

Determine Hardware and the required Device Drivers

Your service tag or model number will confirm what is compatible with your OS for quality control purposes. I can also identify the drivers needed to make your computer communicate with other necessary peripherals (printer, router, wireless mouse/keyboard).

Format the Hard Drive! 

This is when I reinstall your OS, thus removing all previous registry errors, viruss, and any other threats that may have been present. Once the OS has been installed, activated, and verified, I will install the compatible drivers to allow your computer to communicate with other essential devices (like USB, Video, LAN, WiFi, Blue-tooth, etc).

Migrating Your Data Back!

I now transfer all the documents, photos and other important files saved from the external drive, back onto your computer along with any programs you need and have discs for. As a final test, I check the functionality and speed of your computer, making sure that it’s in good shape!

Now your computer is as good as when new and is performing correctly (and most certainly faster)! You may need re-establish your WiFi security password for the first time use. Normally, I can recover email passwords, but in the worst case I will ask you for them - or help you create a recovery event for lost passwords.

Outline & History:

After 32 years of Computer Support Services, I can state that Computers have become a very Complex and Integral part of our daily life. A single technical disaster can bring a business to chaos and ruin. Think carefully, plan regular backups, and do not become caught by poor sales promotions or lack of communication. Be reassured that we care about your after-sales service. Call or email Peter Bowey (send email) - my service is your 24-hour 'backup' in a disaster recovery. I have a wide range of disaster recovery software, repair tools and hard-won computer technical experience.

Peter Bowey Computer Technician

Peter Bowey at Workshop entrance

I began this service business on May 1998, after having worked for several computer and electronic based service companies. I have discovered my passion and gifting in my role to service, support and share technical solutions with computer technology.

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Peter Bowey Computer Solutions
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Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
The battery on my Dell laptop expanded, causing my keyboard and touchpad to warp. I called Dell about this, and they said that batteries and any damage to the computer because of defective batteries were not covered under their warranty. I then took my laptop to Peter, and he was able to assist me. Peter took out the defective battery and gave me back my laptop to use (plugged in) while the new battery shipped. I could not be more pleased with my experience. He was kind, thoughtful, and very professional. While I hope I never need computer repair again, if I do, I will be sure to go to Peter Bowey Computer Services.
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
I have used Peter Bowey Computer Solutions on a couple of occasions to help me clean up my laptop and also to ensure that it was all running efficiently with good protection. Peter was very obliging and helpful. He was able to adapt to my time frame and he offered very succinct and helpful advise and a very reasonable rate. He was also helpful to my wife with issues with her notepad and was upfront about any lack of expertise in a specialist area. I would certainly recommend Peter's business and am planning to continue to use his as I need. _Chris Ambrose (Minister Goolwa Church of Christ)
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
We have known and used Peter Bowey Computer Solutions for a number of years

His service is excellent and discreet.

Peter has given expert service with seven day advice and repair, even to home visits

We have given Peter some difficult problems to solve , but he has always been able to conquer.
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
A most capable and likeable individual who really knows computers and delivers customer satisfaction in an extremely friendly manner. JT
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
Very happy with the service, highly recommend Peter , will be recommending him to my friends.
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
2018-09-26 T10:02:07+09:30
Peter has been available every time I have needed him at very short notice. He has fixed my problems or pointed me in the right direction in every instance. His fees are modest and his communication is in a language that layman understand.
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
Posted: 2018-09-20 T011:10:17+09:30
Have used Peter for several years, unfortunately mostly in emergencies and have always received prompt courteous service.Would recommend him to anyone wanting efficient prompt and reasonable price computer service.
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
Posted: 2018-06-20 T08:10:17+09:30
Took my ageing PC to Peter when it wouldn't boot after being moved. He quickly diagnosed the problem, ordered the parts and I had it back working perfectly the next day. Excellent service!
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
Posted: 2018-02-18 T09:12:17+09:30
I have been dealing with Peter Bowey Computer Solution for many years. Peter has been very obliging and very professional, as there has never been any computer issue that Peter has not been able to resolve in a very timely matter. I would have no hesitation using Peter Bowey Computer Solutions in the future
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
Posted: 2018-01-10 T11:10:17+09:30
We have been using Peter Bowey Computer Solutions for over 10 years, in that time we have found Peter to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful and always very friendly. We would highly recommend him to anyone. Where we are situated is not that accessible but Peter has never failed to assist and attend our premises when we have needed help, we would not use anyone else. Mike and Ruth
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
Posted: 2018-02-16 T11:09:22+09:30
I have been dealing with Peter for around three and a half years. I am a regular customer bringing a variety of technology needs, some of which are quite challenging. To date nothing has been too difficult for Peter. He has been able to calmly resolve anything that we have put in front of him. I and others that I know of that bring their problems to him have dubbed the 'computer whisperer!' I am very appreciative of his knowledge and patience and recommend without hesitation.
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
Posted: 2018-05-03 T12:22:22+09:30
" Peter was a great help with changing my iPad to a newer model. Many thanks Peter! It saved a lot of family stress!! "
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
Posted: 2017-10-13 T10:22:22+09:30
Peter lends a sympathetic ear and then fixes the problem efficiently and in a timely manner. He has recovered frozen drives, offered good (and cost effective) advice and set up several new desk top, and laptops, for me over 20 years. I prefer to shop locally and Peter always gives good service and advice on the best purchase options for my needs.
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
Posted: 2018-02-22 T15:22:32+09:30
I have nothing but praise for Peter's skills, efficiency & friendliness. I would recommend him for any computer issues every time.
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
Posted: 2017-10-02 T11:30:22+09:30
I heard of Peter when I first came to live in Victor Harbor. I've been so impressed with the service and expertise that he has offered over the past six years. I am confident that whenever I have taken my computer for repairs he does an excellent job. I have had opportunity to confidently recommend him to computer students that I have taught. He's trust worthy and very tech savvy.
Google Places - Review Person
5 of 5 stars
Posted: 2017-10-06 T15:35:22+09:30
"Experience is earned over time". Peter Bowey, a local from Victor Harbor of Peter Bowey Computer Solutions has many years of experience in all aspects computer support to data recovery from failed hard drives to servicing, upgrading and/or tuning your PC or laptop. He provides a thorough examination of your devise ensuring reliability of operation in the future. His fees and charges for services provided are very affordable.

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