NSS Labs 2017 Web Browser Security Comparative ReportsThe Windows 10 version 1803 release (also known as the Windows 10 April 2018 Update) is redefining the way we think about security. This windows release offers improved identity and access control, cloud security integration, and containerization to improve the security without degrading the end user experience.

Windows 10 is now more secure with the latest Windows Defender from Microsoft. Microsoft has released a Windows Defender Browser Protection extension (add-on) for Google Chrome allowing an additional layer of protection when browsing online. This is Powered by the same trusted intelligence found in the Microsoft Edge browser. The new Chrome extension is available as a free download from the Chrome Web Store. It also comes with a real-time indicator to notify users about potentially unsecured sites.

Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for Google Chrome
Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for Google Chrome

Microsoft state that the Windows Defender Browser Protection on Microsoft Edge will  protect against 99 percent of phishing attacks, while Chrome offers 87 percent of protection and Mozilla’s Firefox comes third with 70 percent of protection rate. These numbers may be a good reason to install Microsoft’s extension on your Chrome browser.

Windows Defender Browser Protection
Windows Defender Browser Protection

Source: NSS Labs 2017 Web Browser Security Comparative Reports

What is the Windows 10 Security Architecture?

The Windows 10 security architecture is based on three principles. 1) protect, 2) detect, and 3) respond. Windows 10 pre-breach mitigation is aimed at device protection and threat resistance. Following are the main pillars of Window 10 security architecture.

  • Device Protection
  • Thread Resistance
  • Identify Protection
  • Information Protection
  • Breach Detection Investigation & Response

The best of the Windows 10 1803 Security Enhancements

The Windows 10 Spring Creators update has many security improvements, here I list some of the best changes.

Windows Security Settings Page

When you go to the Windows 10 version 1803 Settings, you won’t be able to see Windows Defender. You will see something new called Windows Security – The Windows Defender page has been renamed to Windows Security.

Windows defender security center is your home to view and manage the security and health of your device. It provides access to the different areas of security guarded by Windows Defender.

File System Access to Applications

Windows 10 1803 Privacy Settings: Allow Apps to access your file system. If you allow access to apps then, you can choose which apps can access your file system. This is the real strategic approach for future revolutions of Windows Security Enhancements.

Windows 10 version 1803 grants permission to certain apps to have global file system access automatically. In future, each Windows 10 apps will also ask for the end user or administrator permissions similar to iPhone or iOS devices.

Windows 10 version 1803 Security Center compare
Windows 10 version 1803 Security Center compare

A New Ransomware Settings Page

Windows 10 version 1803 Windows Defender Security Center moved it’s “Controlled folder access” settings to a new page called Ransom-ware protection. This page helps to protect your files against threats like ransomware, and ways to restore files in case of an attack. There is also an option to enable controlled folder access. This enables you protection for files, folders, and memory areas on your Windows 10 device against unauthorized changes by unfriendly applications.

Microsoft Edge Browser Security Enhancements

The default anti-virus on Windows 10 version 1803 is now using Windows Defender Application Guard as the default anti-virus. Application guard is a security feature that isolates pages you are viewing on Microsoft Edge. This Application guard isolates web browser pages from each other and from Windows to provide an extra layer of security against zero-day attacks and malware.

Device Security Settings Page

Windows defender security center – Device Security settings have a new option in Windows 10 version 1803. Core isolation virtualization (Hyper-V supported hardware) based security is running to protect the core parts of your devices.

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