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Update: Windows Defender will soon become known as Microsoft Defender. This is part of a new merge to offer a enterprise version of the product for multiple OS platforms. Microsoft is now introducing the package, known as Microsoft Defender ATP, to macOS and it will support macOS versions: 10.14 (Mojave), 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.12 (Sierra). There is also a enterprise security offerings called Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Windows 10.

In a coming new release of Windows 10, we will see the name change to Microsoft Defender. For now the Windows 10 Insider build 18941 offers the new change of the name “Windows Defender Antivirus” to “Microsoft Defender Antivirus” and “Windows Defender Exploit Guard” to “Microsoft Defender Exploit Guard”.

Windows Defender Security & Protection

Microsoft’s Windows Defender actually does a great job of offering you a complete security package for free, without adverts, and best of all it is thoroughly integrated into Windows 10.

Test from AV-Tests conducted a series of tests demonstrate that the Windows 10 built-in Microsoft Defender proved to be the top anti-virus of all, scoring 17.5 points, which scored 6 for protection, 5.5 for performance and 6 points for its usability (AV Test April 2019).

Windows Defender Testing April 2019

The test results indicated 100% protection was provided by Windows Defender (now to be called Microsoft Defender) in March 2019 and April 2019 tests from 0-day malware attacks, with an industry average of 99.3% and against new samples identified in last month, with an industry average of 100%.

Windows Defender Protection Testing April 2019

Windows 10: Staying Secure

Windows 10 keeps your computer up to date by automatically checking for updates, thus you get new features and the latest security changes to help stay protected.

For users with Windows 10, the default Windows Defender (Microsoft Defender) is highly recommended! Always check that Defender is up to date. This is normally done by automatic updates, but you can always check by Settings > Update & Security then Check for updates.

Windows 10 V1903 Defender Tamper-Protection

With the release of Windows 10 v1903, the Windows Defender has tamper protection. Microsoft’s intention here is to protect Windows Defender against malware tampering. This suggests that should not be possible for a malicious program to disable Windows Defender.

You can find this setting under Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection > Virus & Threat Protection Settings.

Windows 10 Security Tamper Protection

Tamper Protection in Windows Security helps prevent malicious apps from changing important Windows Defender Antivirus settings, including real-time protection and cloud-delivered protection. If Tamper Protection is turned on and you’re an administrator on your computer, you can still change these settings in the Windows Security app. However, other apps can’t change these settings.

Microsoft Feb. 2019 the article

Windows 10 V1903 Security Protection History

The Protection History has been updated to give more detailed and easier to understand information about threats and available actions. There is a new Controlled folder access blocks to history, along with any blocks which are made through organizational setup of Attack Surface Reduction Rules. Any detections from the Windows Defender Offline scanning tool will now also show in protection history. Additionally, there are pending recommendations (shown as red or yellow states from throughout the app) in the history list.

Windows Security Red Alert

A real time threat response (below)

Windows Virus & Threat Protection Alert

I intentionally created the real time Trojan threat, shown above, to illustrate how a real threat alert looks in the Windows 10 V1903 Security Virus & Threat Protection report. Note the red alert in the Windows 10 Status Bar (the shield above).

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