Google Gmail Security

Are you worried about hackers getting into your email account?

If your main worry is that hackers could gain access to your email, then you should rely on Gmail and look at some additional steps in this post.

Google has one of the best teams of security engineers in the world. Moreover, the company has several strong security mechanisms for users to protect their account.

Google has made Gmail very secure; however there are two more options you can consider to improve this security further.

Enable 2-Step Verification in Gmail

At the very least, users can and should add two-factor authentication to their accounts, making it harder for hackers to phish their password and gain access.

Google 2-Step Verification in Gmail
Google 2-Step Verification in Gmail

Google Gmail Two-factor authentification is a significant move forward in providing online security with your Gmail. Access that once required an insecure password now additionally need a complex password with a second form of authentication from a mobile device, or implement other two-factor identification. Using two-factor verification makes sure that you — and only you — have access to your Google account for Gmail.

Using two methods to authenticate who you effectively doubles your account security, and makes sure you are only able to log in if you have both the right password and a valid authentication token.

Google’s process to enable two-step Gmail authentication is remarkably simple to set up. Follow these steps:

Visit Google’s 2-Step Verification page and click on Get Started.

Google 2-Step Verification "Get Started"
Google 2-Step Verification “Get Started”

Enter your Google email and password (or just your password, if you are already logged in to your Google account).

Google Sign-in
Google Sign-in

Click the Start setup button.

Add a phone or mobile number that Google can send a six-digit verification code to.

Verification Code Phone or Mobile
Verification Code Phone or Mobile

Verify your phone number by entering the six-digit code you received from Google.

Enter the Google Verification Code
Enter the Google Verification Code

Choose if you wish to add your current computer as a trusted device. Check the “Trust this computer”.

Enable the current device as a trusted device
Enable the current device as a trusted device

Confirm that you wish to turn on two-step verification.

Turn on 2-step verification: Confirmation
Turn on 2-step verification: Confirmation

All Done! Google will now send your phone a six-digit code for any app that uses Google’s web interface to authenticate your account.

Use Gmail “Advanced Protection”

Anyone with a Gmail account can now activate what Google calls “Advanced Protection”, being a set of of special features that make it much harder for anyone to hack into your Google account. This protection is aimed specifically at “high-risk” users such as; political campaign staffers, activists, journalists, or people in abusive (risk) relationships. This protection is enabled by using hardware keys (see below).

Apple and “Advanced Protection”

Google also allows access through Apple’s own native iOS apps such as Mail, Calendar and Contacts. By supporting Apple’s own native apps, this protection service will likely become attractive to a wider audience.

To use this “Advanced Protection”, you’ll need to purchase two Security Keys and register them to your Google Account (the one with the Gmail you wish protect).

Watch this Youtube about Google’s Advanced Protection Program

To enroll, you’ll need to purchase two Security Keys and register them to your Google Account. The link to enrol is here.

Notes: This does require hardware and you will need two security keys to access your account. Google’s suggested keys via the above link cost a total of $43 USD. Two Security Keys are required to enroll so that you’ll have a backup key in case you lose your main key. A wireless-enabled key that can connect to both your computer and mobile devices should act as your main key.

Gmail Advanced Protection Enrol & Purchase
Gmail Advanced Protection Enrol & Purchase

Now, an attacker who does not have your Security Key is automatically blocked, even if they have [hacked] your password or account.

Watch this Youtube on how to set up Google’s Advanced Protection Program

Finally, when you turn on the new security features, it will be somewhat harder to reset your password in the (hopefully unlikely) case you lose access to your account. But if you are a target of sophisticated hackers, this trade-off are certainly worth the trouble for your safety and peace.

You can un-enroll from the Google Advanced Protection Program if you find it is not what you want. Also, you can un-enroll keys from any service at any time.

How is Advanced Protection different from 2-Step Verification?

Google Advanced Protection uses a 2-Step Verification with a physical security key instead only a code. Security keys are much more secure than codes as a person (hacker) needs both your password and your security key to get into your Google (Gmail) account.

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